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In the Paper Machine, clean stock is passed through a head box, which distributes a thin layer of stock onto a web of wires, allowing water to fall through the wire web. This leaves a continous sheet of paper fibers that begins to form the paper. This sheet is then passed over vacuum boxes, pulling most of the remaining water out of the paper. The sheet then comes off of the wire web and is fed into a system of heated rollers, which dries and presses the paper. In some paper machines, the sheet is then passed through calendar stacks, which polish and finish the paper. The paper is then put onto huge rolls in continuous sheets, ready for further processing.

PMC Original Flush-mount Transmitters and Sealed Gauges are used to measure level and pressure in the Head Box. PMC ceramic capacitive sensing technology is a very good solution for reliable vacuum measurement in vacuum boxes and in dryer sections.

Our DS Level Probe is ideal for measuring level in the Wire Pit Sump underneath the wet end of the paper machine.

The ACCS should be used to provide a real-time measurement of entrained air content in the stock just before the head box and in the wire pit where stock is recycled through the machine. The output from the ACCS can be used to control the amount of defoaming chemicals added to the stock, thus saving the mill the cost of excessive de-foaming chemicals.

Our VL2000 Submersible should be used to measure water level in the Vacuum Troughs.

The ATM23 can be used to measure hydraulic pressures in the Calender Stacks and Rollers.