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Miniature Electronic Pressure Transmitter - Terminal Head Version


PMC-MIN-PT/EL-TH (O Ring Process Connection)
Shown with LCD Display

  • Ranges:
    0 to 10" WC through 0 to 300 PSIG
    +/- 10" WC through +/- 400" WC Compound
    0 to 3" Hg through 0 to 30" Hg Vacuum (negative)
    0 to 30 PSIA through 0 to 150 PSIA
  • Small sensing area – 1"
  • Retrofits 1" pneumatic transmitter nipple
  • Fits 2" diameter or larger pipes
  • Flip Top Terminal Head/Anodized and Powder coated, NEMA-4X Standards
  • EMI/RFI protected
  • LCD display optional

PMC’s Miniature Electronic Pressure Transmitter has been especially developed for measuring pressures in paper mills and similar process industries where plugging of the diaphragm face is a problem. A body diameter of 1" permits installation flush with the inside wall of pipes 2" in diameter or larger. This transmitter incorporates a capacitance diaphragm sensor coupled to the proven PMC transmitter design. It retrofits all of the 200,000 nipples furnished with our pneumatic miniature pressure transmitters.

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