PMC Engineering

Our Team

At PMC-STS, Inc. we are proud of our high-performance team. While we continue to expand our workforce annually to support growth, we are proud that the average tenure of our employees is more than 20 years -- that speaks volumes. Our incredible team offers diverse experience and a vast knowledge base to our customers.

Get to know some of the team members with whom you will interact.

David Scinto

Sales Manager203-792-8686, x105

Keith Hessler

Operations Manager203-792-8686, x127

Ray Bartko

Engineering Manager203-792-8686, x103

Jim Borst

Product Manager203-792-8686, x121

Mark Knowles

Technical Sales Western Region203-792-8686, x106

Ed Napierkowski

Eastern Region USA Sales Manager 203-792-8686, x126

Mike Comiskey

Product Support – Ground Support Test Equipment203-792-8686, x101

Barbara Reisinger

Customer Service203-792-8686, x116

Donna Hunt

Marketing Communications203-792-8686, x111

Paul Buzel

Design Engineer203-792-8686, x115

Josh Lopez

Design Engineer203-792-8686, x110

Felim Raftery

Applications Engineer/Inside Sales203-792-8686, x108

Manuela Bisignano

Customer Service203-792-8686, x144

Andrea Coles

Customer Service203-792-8686, x109

Jeanine Martin

Customer Service203-792-8686, x122

Mike Kulesza

Regional Sales Manager - Central USA203-792-8686, x114