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Submersible Sensors for Level Measurements

Submersible Sensors for Level Measurements

When measuring levels of water, submersible sensors are effective instruments that can measure the level and depths of liquid in different water applications such as ground water and wastewater. Submersibles are trusted to be used in municipalities and many water applications because of their accurate ability to measure.

Measuring Water Levels with Submersibles

A submersible measures level by receiving a measurement of hydrostatic pressure of a liquid. PMC’s submersible sensors measure hydrostatic pressure through a piezoresistive sensing diaphragm. Submersible sensors utilize a transducer to convert hydrostatic pressure into a signal of electricity. When the sensor senses a change in pressure, its electrical resistance changes as well. The electrical signals are converted to signal outputs of 4-20mA.

Submersibles Maintain Longevity with Rugged Design

Submersible level sensors are designed for water applications which means they would have to be able to withstand water damage. PMC’s VL2000 submersible level sensor stands strong with the test of time in pumps and lift stations for wastewater applications for an average of over 10 years.

How does this submersible sensor hold up strong? The VL2000 sensor avoids clogging and sludge build up encountered in wastewater through its rugged flush open face design. The sensor consists of a ceramic sensing element and can be made of either stainless steel constructions that can be used for most applications or titanium that can be utilized for chemical environments. Along with this, a polyurethane vented cable is molded so the transmitter is waterproof.



Submersible level sensors utilize advanced technology to measure the levels of water applications. With strong manufacturing and design along with high accuracy, submersible sensors can stand the test of time while providing users accurate level and depth measurements.

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