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Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensors

Before selecting a pressure sensor for your application needs, it is important to understand certain factors to determine if a pressure sensor is right for you. Accuracy, pressure range, and size are vital pieces of information to know. In this blog article, we will go over these key determining factors for selecting a pressure sensor.


A pressure sensor should have the ability to measure pressure accurately. Accuracy is a determining factor in choosing the right pressure sensor for your application needs because under operating conditions, it is key to consider the required measurements for accuracy.

Pressure Range

Pressure range is another factor to consider when selecting a pressure sensor. There are different types of pressure that can be measured which correlate with receiving accurate readings of pressure.

Operating Pressure Range - The temperature range over which the product will produce an output proportional to pressure may not remain within the specified performance limits.

Proof Pressure - The maximum amount of pressure that can be applied to a pressure sensor without changing any specification.

Burst Pressure - The maximum pressure that may be applied to any port of the product without causing escape of pressure media. The product should not be expected to function after exposure to any pressure beyond the burst pressure.

Sensor Size

Depending on the pressure range that is needed to be measured, the size of the sensor can vary. Generally, higher operating pressure ranges would require a smaller diaphragm sized sensor. For lower pressure ranges (Less than 1 psi), sensors with a larger diaphragm are better selections.


In conclusion, understanding the important factors such as accuracy, pressure range, and size can allow you to select the right sensor for your application needs. These components are vital in choosing a pressure sensor that can measure pressure accurately and efficiently.

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