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Wastewater Level Transmitter w/Sink Weight (VL2000-SW)

The PMC VersaLine® VL2000-SW Series submersible level transmitters are specifically designed for use in wastewater, pump/lift station applications. The ceramic capacitive sensing element provides a rugged, open face design which avoids clogging or sludge build up from the material often encountered in wastewater. Designed specifically for the VL2000 the  SW2000 provides a "cage" sink weight/anchor for transmitters installed on the bottom of wastewater sewage lift stations and is replaceable. 


  • Open face, clog free
  • 0.1%/0.25% Accuracy
  • 10" WC to 150 psi
  • 316L SS or Titanium 
  • 4-20 mA, 2 wire

 For Zero Maintenance: In order to reduce on site maintenance PMC has developed the  MP 11 Moisture Protection Reference Volume. For vented gauge transmitters this provides a total isolation to the atmosphere by using a custom bladder while maintaining the high performance of the transmitter. This changes volume with Barometric pressure. Totally maintenance free. Please specify MP 11. 

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