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Dual Output Digital Level & Temperature Transmitter

The DTM.OCS.S/N Series digital submersible transmitters are polynomial compensated high performing level sensors which achieve total error bands up to 0.03% FS over a temperature range of 25 to 175°F. The DTM.OCS.S/N is based on the standard RS485 ModBus protocol and can be easily connected to the control panel. 


  • Fully Submersible 1″ diameter
  • RS485 ModBus
  • 3 psi to 360 psi
  • 25 to 175°F
  • Titanium Construction

For Zero Maintenance: In order to reduce on site maintenance PMC has developed the  MP 11 Moisture Protection Reference Volume. For vented gauge transmitters this provides a total isolation to the atmosphere by using a custom bladder while maintaining the high performance of the transmitter. This changes volume with Barometric pressure. Totally maintenance free. Please specify MP 11.

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