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On Vehicle Test & Measurement Including Pressure Scanners

On Vehicle Test & Measurement Including Pressure Scanners

KA Sensors is a dynamic and flexible company offering over 30 years of sensor design and instrumentation experience to the demanding motor sports industry. KA Sensors in the US is located within the PMC Engineering facility in Danbury, CT.  PMC is celebrating more than 50 successful years in several niche applications for pressure and other sensor applications.

KA Sensors was founded in 2006 by Peter Trevor with the total objective of designing, developing and manufacturing sensors and associated instrumentation for the Motorsport Industry.  KA is unique in this regard and a global leader.

The engineering staff have more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of sensor and instrumentation systems, with 15 years of experience in the motor sport industry.

The Grantham facility has the flexibility to design and manufacture both prototype and production volumes of sensors.

The Danbury factory is a large purpose built facility and all the activities associated with design, development and manufacture are carried out here, along with a NIST traceable Calibration Laboratory.  All KA products can be calibrated, serviced and supported directly from the Danbury facility.

 Our founding principles are to provide a complete solution to our customers, with service and confidentiality being paramount. Our understanding of the complex requirements of racing make us the ideal company to assist in your testing and gain those valuable thousandths of a second each lap.