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ATM/F/IS Open Face Flush Mount Pressure Transmitter

The ATM/F/IS series has been designed for use in hazardous locations and is part of a comprehensive range of transmitters specifically designed for the process industry where the fluids are of a clogging nature requiring a flush mount type of installation. Exceptional reliability is achieved with the high overpressure rating, and the combination of high accuracy and good long term stability offer the user reduced recalibration requirements resulting in a low cost of ownership.


  • Accuracy: ≤ ± 0.1% FS or ≤ ± 0.25% FS
  • FS ranges from 1 to 360 psi
  • Flush mount options, e.g., tri-clamp
  • Intrinsically safe certified
  • Surge (lightning) protection option

Typical Applications Include:

Food, Beverage and Dairy Industries - Pharmaceutical - Wastewater - Pulp and Paper - Tank Level Measurement 

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