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Smart HART® Submersible Level Transmitter (VL-SMT)

VL-SMT-Smart Hart® Submersible Level Transmitters

  • Ranges: Full Scale (Zero Based) 

0 to 5"H²O through 0 to 300 psig                                                                                                              

±5"H²O through ±400"H²O Compound (Contact PMC)

0 to 10"Hg through 0 to 30"Hg Vacuum (Negative)

0 to 15 psia through 0 to 150 psia (Contact PMC)

  •  Hart® Protocol
  •  4-20mA
  •  ±0.25% accuracy
  •  Remote Sensor

The PMC Smart Submersible  Level Transmitters are designed for applications where it is required to submerge the transmitter into the process fluid or water. They have been developed for either tank or water level measurement in natural environments such as wells, rivers, reservoirs, sewage, marine, etc. 

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