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KP94B Series

KP94B Series of miniature linear position sensors has 0.37 in. diameter aluminum body and stainless steel shaft with bearings at each end. Designed to withstand the demanding environment, using a proven conductive plastic track technology and multi-fingered contacts, these sensors offer high performance and reliability even under extreme temperature and vibration. Can be specified with a standard IP65 sealing rating or upgrade to a full IP67 version. Cable exit can be either forward or reverse.


  • Range 0.5" to 7" in 8 Ranges
  • 0.37″ Diameter Housing
  • ±0.5% Linearity
  • IP65 or IP67
  • Bearing Mountings
  • Long Life
  • Compact Design
  • Note KP94P is the Pop-Joint Version

Typical Applications Include:

Damper Position - Throttle Pedal - Aero Surface - Actuators

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