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Flange-Mounted Adapters, Stainless Steel

PMC Order Codes: SAN Flush-Mount Design

  • LT SAN-FMS1: 316L Stainless Steel 1" Flange
  • LT SAN-FMS1.5: 316L Stainless Steel 1.5" Flange
  • LT SAN-FMS2: 316L Stainless Steel 2" Flange
  • LT SAN-FMS3: 316L Stainless Steel 3" Flange
  • LT SAN-FMS4: 316L Stainless Steel 4" Flange


  • 150 lb 316L stainless steel flange with flush mounted SAN process connection.
  • Sizes: 4", 3", 2", 1½" and 1"

Designed for applications below 30 PSIG and 140°F. Excellent corrosion resistance when paired with Transmitter and Tantalum diaphragm and Hastelloy C Retainer Ring.

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