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Diaphragm Options

Hastelloy C Diaphragms:

  • Standard Diaphragm material used with PMC Electronic Transmitters.
  • Caustic and acid resistant.
  • Exhibits excellent resistance to the following types of acids: Acetic, Formic, Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric, Nitric, Phosphoric and Sulfuric.

Tantalum Diaphragms:

  • Provides superior corrosion resistance, strength, toughness and thermal conductivity.

Ceramic Diaphragms:

  • Available only on Electronic Transmitters.
  • Developed for high wear applications. Environments such as tobacco stock lines, pulp and paper cleaner systems, wastewater treatment and other high flow mediums with particulates. This combination of high flow and abrasive materials can, over time, wear down a metallic diaphragm. A traditional metallic diaphragm will permanently lose its zeroing ability as the wear on the diaphragm increases. As the process medium wears the ceramic diaphragm down simply re-zero the sensor. This can be done many times over the life of the transmitter. The ceramic diaphragm also gives added stability to the unit. Orientation during calibration does not affect the transmitter.


  • Hastelloy C
  • Tantalum
  • Ceramic
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