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ATM.1st High Precision Pressure Transmitter 0-5 VDC

ATM.1st High Precision Pressure Transmitter 0-5 VDC

The ATM.1ST is an electronically compensated pressure transmitter providing a 3-wire, analog voltage output. The transmitter offers total static accuracies down to  ≤0.05%FS including linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, zero and span setting errors. Included in this  static accuracy are hysteresis and repeatability of typically 0.005% which provides outstanding precision.  


  • 0-5/10 & 0.5-4.5 VDC
  • 0-1 to 0-20,000 psi
  • Accuracies to 20,000 psi
  • -40 to 300°F
  • Barometric 18-32″Hg

Typical Applications Include:

Engine Test - Satellite Launch Vehicles - Flight Test - Drone/UAV/AUV/ROV - Manufacturing  - Motorsport

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