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Monitor Borehole Water Levels With The MTM3000 Transmitter

When it comes to monitoring and controlling water levels in boreholes, it’s important to have an applicable sensor that has a small diameter. PMC-STS’ MTM3000 Miniature Depth and Level Transmitter is the perfect solution for borehole level monitoring due to its small diameter and durability. In this article, we will discuss how the MTM3000 is a beneficial solution to bore hole monitoring.

Measure Borehole Depth and Levels with the MTM3000 Transmitter

Boreholes are narrow in size and would often need a level sensor that can fit inside its ½” diameter. PMC-STS’ MTM3000 is the smallest level transmitter on the market with a diameter of 3/8”, making it the perfect solution for bore hole water level monitoring.

In the diagram featured, the MTM3000 is dropped down into a borehole. The sensor provides electrical feedback to pressure recorders or pumps which then allows for monitoring of water levels. With a cable that stretches up to 5000 feet, the sensor is dropped down in a well until it reaches water levels.

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TE-11 Dri-Box Cable Termination Enclosure

As showcased in the diagram, the MTM3000 can be connected to PMC-STS’ TE-11 Dri-Box Cable Termination Enclosure. The TE-11 is a junction box that runs a signal externally to terminate sensors close to the application’s source. Combined with the MTM3000, the TE-11 is a unique solution in borehole monitoring since it enables remote monitoring with customer sourced power/signal transmissions.

MTM3000 Features

The MTM3000 is PMC-STS’ exclusive sensor for measuring depth and levels in applications where space is limited. The sensor is constructed of titanium and a polyurethane cable keeps the sensor water resistant. Besides this, the MTM3000 utilizes piezoresistive sensing technology that provides long-term performance and accuracy.


In conclusion, the MTM3000 is a reliable solution for borehole monitoring. With its small diameter, the transmitter can be utilized in many different applications that are limited in space, making the MTM3000 one of the most convenient transmitters on the market.


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