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Seal Switch and SAN Seal Switch

PMC offers a Barksdale Pressure Switch coupled with a proven PMC transmitter which permits flush installation with the inside wall of pipes 3" or larger. This feature avoids the usual pocketing problems encountered with conventional systems. The Barksdale Switch incorporates a UL-listed single pole double throw snap-action switching element and is NEMA 4 rated with adjustable ranges.


  • Ranges: 0-250 PSI
  • Flush-mount design
  • Small 1½" diameter transmitter
  • Fits 3" diameter or larger pipes
  • Barksdale pressure switch
  • 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts
  • NEMA 4 rated with adjustable ranges

PMC Seal Switches include a NEMA 4 rated enclosure and adjustable ranges.

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