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CAN8 Series /KA Sensors Motorsport

CAN8 Series /KA Sensors Motorsport

This CAN Signal Acquisition Module integrates a high quality multi-channel data acquisition system, high performance Micro-controller (MCU) and CAN interface to provide access to external analog sensors via a Controller Area Network (CAN).

The Module offers an array of configuration options in terms of analog input conditioning and CAN output formats. In addition, for maximum flexibility, a number of application layer configurations are available including CANOpen, J1939 and a fully customizable proprietary protocol.

Typical Applications include: Temperature - Acceleration - Pressure - Position/Angle - Torque/Force - Speed


  • 16-Bit Resolution
  • 8 Analog Channels
  • PT1000 Input
  • Speed Signal Inputs
  • 5V Sensor Supply