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This is where the cellulose fibers pass through a refining process. Before refining, the fibers are stiff, inflexible and form few bonds. The stock is pumped through a conical machine which consists of a series of revolving discs. The violent abrasive and bruising action has the effect of cutting, opening up and declustering the fibers, and making the ends divide. This is called fibrillation. In this state, the fibers are pliable and have greater surface area, which significantly improves the fiber bonding. The properties of the paper are directly related to the refining process.

PMC transmitters with remote flush-mount sensor are ideal for use to measure the pressure drop across the refiner. This gives an indication of when the refiner becomes plugged. This Remote Electronics Option handles high heat and vibration associated with refiners and the ceramic sensing diaphragm resists abrasion from the stock.