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Debarked logs or wood chips and hot water are forced between enormous rotating steel discs with teeth that literally tear the wood apart. Mechanical pulp yields over 90% of the wood as fiber. However, because the lignin (the binding material which holds the cellulose fibers together) is not chemically broken down, the resulting paper tends to discolor and lose strength with time. In addition, this process requires substantial amounts of energy.

PMC transmitters with remote flush-mount sensor are ideal to measure the pressure drop across the digester. This gives an indication of when the digester becomes plugged. The Remote Electronics Option handles high heat and vibration associated with digesters and the ceramic sensing diaphragm resists abrasion from the coarse stock.

PMC Flush-Mount Analog Electronic Transmitters

PMC Flush-Mount Smart HART Electronic Transmitters

In addition, PMC flush-mount standard and miniature diaphragm transmitters are used to measure water/chemical and stock levels.

PMC Flush-Mount Weld on Process Connections, NPT adapters, Flanges adapters, Plugs and Tri-Clamp fittings