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Load Cell/Force Transducers

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KA Sensors is a dynamic and flexible company offering over 30 years of sensor design and instrumentation experience to the demanding motor sports industry. Our founding principles are to provide a complete solution to our customers, with service and confidentiality being paramount. Our understanding of the complex requirements of racing make us the ideal company to assist in your testing and gain those valuable thousandths of a second each lap.


GSS Series Gear Shift Miniature Load Cells and GST Series Gear Lever Load Cells are designed for the detection and measurement of tension/compression forces in gear shift applications. 

Gearshift Load Cells for Race Application Article click here to read full article

SGT Series is typically a  strain gauge  applied and calibrated on a steering column or dive shaft. This is a custom service.

Strain Gauge-Force is a custom service and typically applied to suspension push/pull rods (Force) and also drive/prop shafts and steering columns (twisting/torque).

MTI Racing's new Six Shooter Sequential Transmission Conversion System featuring KA Sensors GSS Load Cell.