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KIR16X4 Series / KA Sensors Motorsport

KIR16X4 Series / KA Sensors Motorsport

The KIR16X4 infra-red tire temperature sensor provides race engineers with a                              matrix of 16 x 4 independent temperature points across the tire.

It’s a very small lightweight sensor that has a CAN bus 1Mb output for direct                   connection to most modern data loggers.

User selectable modes offer a range of functions including fields of views  of 40° or 60°. Distance to target can also be adjusted up to 40" and measurement speed is selected at 1, 10, and 20Hz. The modes can be selected either over CAN bus or via an Android Configuration App.

Typical applications include: Tire Temperature Monitoring - Component Profile


  • 64 individual measurement points (16 x 4)
  • CAN Bus Output
  • 32°F to 400°F Ranges
  • 40° or 60° View
  • Miniature Size
  • User Configurable 5 to 18V Supply